Line One Hair Aftercare

Please take time to read this information before having your hair extensions applied. If you have any further queries about how to care for your new hair, please consult with your accredited stylist.

These rules, if followed, ensure your own hair is kept in perfect condition and allowed to grow freely while wearing your hair extensions. For any additional information, please feel free to contact us! | 424-281-7222 | @lineonehair

The Four Golden Rules

No scrubbing your scalp

No oily or wet roots

No over-directing the connections

No pulling



• Use salon-quality clarifying shampoo for oily hair.
• Use salon-quality volume shampoo for regular to dry hair.

Do Not
• Use supermarket shampoo or even shampoo found in larger retailers – stick to a salon brand!
• Use moisturizing shampoo or shampoo formulated for color- treated hair.
• Use protein-heavy shampoo (in particular, avoid Kerastase as it has a lot of protein).


• Use a lightweight, good quality hydrating conditioner on the ends of the hair only.

Do Not
• Use a heavy, supermarket brand conditioner or mask that will coat the hair extensions and make them look stringy.
• Apply conditioner to your roots. NEVER let any conditioner touch the connection of the extensions as they may loosen or their lifespan may be affected. 


• Use a long bristle, gentle detangling brush. Use a ceramic or metal brush when blow drying. 

Do Not
• Use a tough-bristled, natural or boar bristle brush that will cause too much tension or pulling. 


• Use on the ends of the hair extensions to moisturize them and protect from heat styling. 


• Always dry your hair after washing, especially at the roots or connections of the hair extensions. 
• Ensure the connections of the extensions are fully dry.

Do Not
• Go to bed with wet hair! 



• Use a salon quality clarifying shampoo for oily hair; use salon quality volumizing shampoo for regular/dry hair.
• DO NOT use supermarket shampoo or any moisturizing shampoo.
• Wash your hair in the shower, never the bath or upside down.
• You can massage/lather shampoo ONLY where there are no connections (on the top of your head). But – change your action when you come to cleaning the connections.
• Use your fingers in a downward motion to encourage the shampoo/ water to rinse over the hair extensions. Only downwards (not up and down).
• DO NOT rub over the connections in a circular motion.
• Rinse twice as long as usual to ensure all hair is free from shampoo especially around the ears where shampoo can get clogged.
• DO NOT put conditioner on your scalp or near the extension connections. This will shorten their lifespan and lead to slippage or loosening. 
• Product build-up can happen if you don’t wash your hair thoroughly. This can lead to sticky roots and matting, and is not reversible. Do not be afraid to touch the connections, just do so in a downwards motion.


• Only put a towel on your head like a veil, and not upside-down like a turban.
• Towel dry hair by squeezing, not rubbing.
• Do not comb through wet hair. Instead use your fingers whilst drying your hair.
• Concentrate on drying the root area until completely dry.
• You can use a brush ONLY once your hair is 95% dry (wet hair is more prone to breakage and also pulls more on the root).
• Do not pull on your extensions while drying.
• Your halo section at the top where there are no extensions should be blow-dried well until completely smooth, so that it sits in to the hair extensions.
• Note:if you would like to leave your hair to dry naturally, you can only do so if you first dry the roots thoroughly.
• For an in-salon blowdry, remind them to only wash your hair by gently going downward over the connections, and follow all of the rules, as you would normally at home. A thorough rough dry is necessary before round-brushing with a ceramic or metal brush.


• Use a gentle detangling brush only. Brush from the bottom using two hands. Hold your hair in one hand and brush with the other to prevent excess tension on the scalp.
• Brush your hair regularly, about twice per day, to avoid stringy looking hair extensions.
• Do not try to comb between the scalp and the connection, this hair is trapped and can’t be brushed.
• You can brush over the halo of your hair using a detangling brush– it won’t pull on the hair extensions.
• Apply an oil on the ends after brushing to keep your extensions moisturized. Extension hair, unlike natural hair, is not attached to the scalp and does notreceive the same nutrients. Thus, it must be provided to the extensions to keep them in their best condition. 


• Do not regularly tie your hair into a high bun or ponytail style. This is over-directing the connections and can lead to excess tension.
• Use heat protection on your hair extensions as well as your natural hair to protect them from heat styling and prevent damage. 

• Use any heat styling tools - we recommend the Triple Barrel Iron for an undone, modern look in just minutes! 
• Avoid salon blowdries as they can pull on the extensions and cause them to loosen. 
• Hair extensions hold a style for a long time, making an effort to style your hair when you wash it means your hair extensions will look good always!
• Apply an oil on the ends after styling to keep your extensions moisturized and add shine. 


Keratin Bonds and Micro Rings/i-Tips
It is normal to lose between 5-10 micro ring or bonded hair extensions throughout their lifespan. If you lose an i-Tip strand, keep it safe as it can be re-applied.
If you feel like you have lost enough that it is noticeable or it is from one area in particular then you may want to contact your stylist and book a check-up appointment.

Tape Extensions
As a semi-permanent method, you may lose a tape extension, or even one side of a tape extension during its lifespan. In particular, tape hair extensions require stricter adherence to the rules as this method is more sensitive to oily/wet roots or using the wrong shampoo and conditioner.


Shedding is a normal part of extension wearing. You can expect to lose some of the volume in your extensions over their lifespan. However, if your bonds or connections feel sticky to touch and if you are concerned about excessive shedding, you may want to contact your stylist and book a check-up appointment.

You MUST NOT wear your hair extensions for more than the recommended lifespan agreed by your stylist. After this time, your hair extensions have grown out significantly. Leaving them in for longer than this recommended period can lead to short-term and long-term issues for your hair extensions, but more importantly for your own hair.