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Perfectly Undone Waves: Easy as 1-2-3


Prep Your Hair

After shampooing your hair, make sure your hair is completely dry from root to tip. This is critical to ensure no damage to your hair.

STEP two

Prep The Waver

Plug in the waver and set the power switch to your desired temperature. We recommend 356° for finer hair, 410° for coarse or thick hair.


Wave Away!

Open the waver, insert a section of hair inside and clamp down. Hold for 2-5 seconds, open the waver again and move down the section of hair, working from top to bottom. Smaller sections will give more defined waves, larger sections create a looser wave.

Why the Line One Waver?

  • 3 x 1 ¼” barrels for the perfect wave
  • Perfect for long hair, short hair and extensions
  • Silicone grip
  • 15-day money back guarantee
  • Extra-long 9-foot cord
  • Created by a hairdresser - salon pro approved!
  • Adjustable temperature - 410°F and 356°F
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